The “Right” to have Other People Do Stuff FOR You…

It’s a well-circulated Democrat trope that Republicans and Conservatives are permitting to become public opinion without a fight, and it’s WRONG —

“Health care is a right”.

No. There are no RIGHTS which, in the exercise thereof, force some individuals — who have invested time and money in professional qualifications so that they may make a good living — to give their services away or to sell them for much less than the free market would give them. Nobody has a right to another person’s labor. No matter WHAT kind of labor it is.

You have no RIGHT to have a doctor examine you, any more than the right to have a plumber examine your pipes or an accountant examine your tax papers. The doctor is a professional who earned, with his own effort and investment, a credential which allows him to deliver his services AT THE PRICE HE DECIDES UPON.

He is free, also, to NOT deliver his services if he so chooses. 

Government would, in leftist hands, compel a doctor to deliver his services without a choice in the matter, either to whom or where or when or even IF.

Human RIGHTS do not include the rights to goods and services. In fact, we very specifically have the right NOT to be compelled to to do service for others outside our own choice to participate in the exchange.

Being compelled to work and not agreeing to the exchange of value for value, well, folks, that’s SLAVERY. The Constitution’s Bill of Rights is actually a list of things GOVERNMENT is not allowed to do TO you. Nobody has the right to receive value from others for nothing, or for a compelled price that is less than the value given in a free market. That enslaves, or makes a servant of, the provider of the service.

Human rights include the right not to have government force them to deliver their services against their will, be it at a lower price than they want or to people they do not wish to serve, or at a time when they prefer to do other things.

Government compulsion is a key ingredient of slavery. There were LAWS holding slaves in ownership, not just individuals keeping them against their will. It was GOVERNMENT POLICY, in England and in the colonies and in lots of other places in the world for thousands of years. Think “Spartacus”, a slave rebellion two thousand years ago which engaged the entire Roman army to quell it. Government enforced slavery, then and more recently.

Folks, if they can do this to doctors, they can do it to anyone with any qualifications to do anything at all.  ANYONE.

The net result of a TOTAL ALTERATION OF THE DEAL for young people going through eight years of medical school at hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition is going to be one thing — A shortage of good doctors.

Knowing the NEW deal, young people who considered a career as doctors will now CHOOSE DIFFERENT CAREERS. 

Government can then do one of two things to supply the new shortfall; it can FORCE qualified students to go to medical school and become doctors, or it can IMPORT them from foreign countries with medical schools.

That is what the British did to address their lack of qualified and competent doctors under their government health care system. They imported doctors, primarily from Pakistan but other countries as well. Not a guarantee of poor qualifications, but… wouldn’t you prefer young people from your own society, raised there, educated there, trained there, to become your physicians?

Health care is not a RIGHT. NOTHING is a right which is an imposition upon the life choices of someone else in order to serve you. My rights end where yours begin.

When it comes to government compelling certain individuals to deliver specialized services under full government control, that is less like human rights and more like slavery. You are not your own. You BELONG to government. You do what GOVERNMENT tells you to do, or you get out of the business for which you spent your life training. 

In such a public order, people are simply not free.

Human rights are natural rules about what government cannot do TO you. When it begins to try to do too much FOR you, it has to put skilled “indentured servants” to work on the job, because nobody IN government is qualified to palpate you for a colon blockage, or read the lab report on your blood.

Government is filled with people who have never done ANYTHING. They idea that they are in CHARGE OF EVERYTHING is terrifying, and servitude and slavery are the inevitable result.

Kavanaugh Insanity, Trump Hatred are the SAME THING

For decades the Supreme Court, and federal courts in general, were the left’s personal weapon, making decisions that were ideologically based and opposed to the Constitution. They HAD the courts, so they didn’t worry so much about the ideological balance in congress, or who was president, or what have you. The courts, federal and state, were their backstop.

Now that’s all at risk. One more Trump justice and it’s pretty much 6-3. Another term for Trump and it could be even WORSE for them, let alone all the other federal judges Trump has placed since he took office. The Ninth Circuit Court is pretty much no longer liberal, folks. Trump is wrecking their backstop, filling it full of holes through which left wing doctrine is slipping and vanishing.

How does the left respond to this existential threat?

They’re turning the SC into a torture chamber, scaring future candidates into declining to participate, delegitimizing any decisions in which Kavanaugh was in the majority, and generally threatening to add justices when a Democrat is president so that there are an insurmountable number of liberals on the Court.

FDR did that. Their favorite left wing American dictator.

And although this fuss is over a general fear of the failure of left wing doctrine, by FAR the biggest component of it is abortion. It’s no coincidence that the entire line-up of accusers of Kavanaugh are staunch defenders of abortion, including (if I may hazard a guess) a LOT of people who have had them.

I’ve known several women who have told me they’ve had abortions. There are two life responses I’ve observed.

One is an abiding sense of guilt and shame that has been a weight on their shoulders for decades and can truly be said to have hampered or restrained any kind of happiness in their lives, at least until they found God and Christ and forgiveness (that is the context in which I have had these discussions with them). Somewhere in their souls they know they are objectively guilty in this, and only God can forgive such acts. So they seek Him and find Him and find forgiveness, so I am told.

The other is a FURIOUS ANGER at anyone they believe might possibly be entertaining a tiny bit of anything like judgmentalism against them for having done that. They did what they did, everyone at the time said it was the right thing to do, and for the goal post to be moved so far in that decision that they are now in the WRONG is just unfair, and not just unfair but cruel and unreasonable, so goes their thought process. They don’t seek forgiveness; they want JUSTIFICATION and will punch in the face anyone who won’t acknowledge their act was not unjust.

They KNOW that some people think they are guilty of murdering their own child, and that is a MADDENING thing to them… partly because it’s such a change from what was said to them when they DID it, and …. partly because on some level, some might worry that it’s true. Not wanting to face something so horrible about yourself is a very strong motive for activism and high loud moral outrage, folks. Don’t undervalue that.

This second kind of person pops up all over the Kavanaugh travesty.

Blasey-Ford is known to have said she hoped to protect abortion rights by her accusation against Kavanaugh. Her lawyer has now also said that she herself did all this to try to protect abortion. And remember; the presumptive next candidate will be a replacement for RBG, and therefore it will be a woman, and therefore it will probably be Amy Coney Barrett — a staunch Catholic Christian who is energetically opposed to abortion.

You MUST understand how important abortion is to the left. You can see; they will lie, cheat, make up stuff, destroy lives and careers and families, and utilize the tools of government in outrageous, stupid and indefensible ways, all to protect abortion. Heaven knows the LIMIT to what they will do.

I wonder if someday a second civil war takes place in America, with abortion taking the place of slavery as the awful indefensible thing that millions would fight and kill and die to protect.

Abortion is THAT important to them. They’ll kill and die for it someday. We have no IDEA how far they’ll go, because we are sane and such things do not occur to us.

Do you understand now the reason for the enormous ugly hatred of Trump? It isn’t his tweets, it isn’t his misogyny or racism, it isn’t anything but ABORTION, and the THREAT to it that he poses by choosing conservative judges and justices. The strongest emotion on the left is ALWAYS in defense of abortion, and the greatest insanity and moral degradation is in service of protecting it. Lie, destroy, ruin, slander, and heaven only knows what else they haven’t done YET but will…. all for the one cause.

I am only half kidding when I say that someday opposition to abortion will be a death penalty crime. It will if some on the left have their way.

Why I started this blog…

I have a dear friend whose current predicament makes me feel just a little bit guilty. And it should make all of us pay attention.

She posted on FB, without my name, a piece I’d written that she liked. She is a rock ribbed Christian conservative lady who would be jailed a lot more if she had as many friends as I do, but.. this isn’t jail she’s in.

Her account has been deactivated, and they didn’t tell her. It’s just gone. She can’t log in. I searched for her and she no longer exists.
This is beyond punishment, temporary bans, teaching you a lesson, etc. This is making you disappear. And if it happened to her, it could happen to ANYONE.

SHe’s been able to re-appear as a new user with a different name, but.. her friends list is gone, stuff she used as contacts for business is gone, and this has really cost her.

No warning. No lecturing message about community standards.

Just deletion.

One day we will ALL get this treatment. I’m surprised and disappointed they started with HER, but … they’ll get to you and me eventually.

Find another way. This blog is one of mine. MeWe is another. Start an account there. You’ll need it.