Why I started this blog…

I have a dear friend whose current predicament makes me feel just a little bit guilty. And it should make all of us pay attention.

She posted on FB, without my name, a piece I’d written that she liked. She is a rock ribbed Christian conservative lady who would be jailed a lot more if she had as many friends as I do, but.. this isn’t jail she’s in.

Her account has been deactivated, and they didn’t tell her. It’s just gone. She can’t log in. I searched for her and she no longer exists.
This is beyond punishment, temporary bans, teaching you a lesson, etc. This is making you disappear. And if it happened to her, it could happen to ANYONE.

SHe’s been able to re-appear as a new user with a different name, but.. her friends list is gone, stuff she used as contacts for business is gone, and this has really cost her.

No warning. No lecturing message about community standards.

Just deletion.

One day we will ALL get this treatment. I’m surprised and disappointed they started with HER, but … they’ll get to you and me eventually.

Find another way. This blog is one of mine. MeWe is another. Start an account there. You’ll need it.

Published by daveperkins

59, retired professional broadcaster, amateur philosopher, golfer, fisherman, world traveler, seeker of facts and truth..

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