I’d like to see…

… everyone who has publicly said “Trump should get punched in the face” get punched in the face.

I’d just like to see if they still feel the same way about Trump getting punched in the face after they get punched in the face.

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59, retired professional broadcaster, amateur philosopher, golfer, fisherman, world traveler, seeker of facts and truth..

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  1. You know what I think about, Dave? The level of resistance and unfair attacks our President faces daily from our own side. I wonder if he anticipated the level of hatred he’d face from so-called Republicans.

    I don’t think any other wealthy American, enjoying an influential and luxurious existence, that has sacrificed more for his fellow Americans, the country he loves and the world he seeks to make a far better place. At a time in his life where he should be playing golf and with his grandchildren, he chose to take on the Globalists who were very close to winning control of our nation and the entire world.

    If President Trump succeeds in resetting the global markets, reining in China and creating worldwide prosperity, he will go down in history as the modern day version of Alexander the Great. He will surpass the legacy of Ronaldus Magnus. Something I used to think was impossible.

    I see President Trump leading the world’s leaders, showing them how to stand up to the Left, inspiring them to fight China…. he’s leading the way and teaching our allies what it means to be strong and righteous and successful. Leftists have ruled the world for so long… and that Leftist leadership has led us here, to this do or die place.

    We are witnessing a rise to greatness that’s not been seen in centuries. We have everything to gain, because we were almost lost.


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